Cadillac Williams is in the midst of a busy week preparing for the Iron Bowl, but that won’t get in the way of the interim coach at Auburn enjoying Thanksgiving.

He explained what that means in a detailed response about how he views the holiday.

“I’m going to eat my chitlins, I’m going to eat my dressing, my cornbread, my momma’s famous cornbread,” he said. “Turkey, greens, Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the best times of the year regardless of what I’ve got going on. I value my family time and Lord knows I value the food. I am going to enjoy Thanksgiving, yes I am.”

Food aside, Williams is trying to also keep Auburn’s momentum going after Williams took over and helped lead the Tigers to a 2-game winning streak. Williams has already energized Auburn’s team and fan base heading into Saturday’s game with the Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa and sparked talk that he should be considered for the full-time job.