Cam Newton is all about fashion.

“A lot of schools in the SEC really isn’t, like, fashion,” Newton told Eli Manning on ‘Eli’s places.’

Newton, who played for Auburn and had one of the most incredible college seasons a quarterback has ever had, almost didn’t end up in the SEC at Auburn. According to the man himself, Newton almost went to Virginia Tech.

“I considered a school just because of the uniform – Virginia Tech,” Newton said, via TMZ Sports, “that maroon/orange collab.”

Virginia Tech Cam Newton would have been quite the sight to see, but it’s a good thing he ended up with the Tigers. The Heisman winner started at Florida and transferred to Auburn in 2010, lighting the world on fire. He threw for 2,858 yards and 30 touchdowns as a junior while also rushing for over 1400 yards and 20 touchdowns.

50 trips to the end zone in one season and a National Title to boot. Auburn fans are happy he went to Auburn, too.