When former Auburn QB Cam Newton heads out to the practice field and ex-Georgia players Thomas Davis and Charles Johnson are on the sidelines taking a veteran’s rest day, the Carolina Panthers star makes sure they hear about it.

On Tuesday, LB Luke Kuechly joined Davis and Johnson in taking a day off from practice in an attempt to prevent injuries. However, Carolina coach Ron Rivera said Newton never takes a day off:

“Every time we try to give him one he shows up ready to practice,” Rivera said. “It’s a little source of pride right now with him. He’s talking about how the Auburn guys are built a little bit different than the Georgia guys.”

Kuechly, who went to Boston College, is spared from Newton’s SEC-related jabs at the ex-Bulldogs, but the Charlotte Observer article says he gets plenty of grief from the MVP quarterback.

Newton is only 27 entering this season, so it stands to reason that he’ll probably join his veteran teammates in sitting out some practices in the future.

But, for now, he’ll take advantage of every chance he gets to poke some fun at his teammates who went to Georgia.