In his latest Instagram video, Cam Newton vows a huge comeback with New England.

The Patriots quarterback opened up following a Saturday night workout session. Newton expressed that he felt abandoned when the Carolina Panthers decided to move on from him. Thankfully for Newton, the Patriots signed the signal caller to a 1-year deal in late-June.

Newton basically missed the 2019 season due to an injury, and his 2018 season fell below expectations, too. Sometimes change is good for all parties, and Newton will have every shot to have a strong comeback with the Patriots. He certainly seems determined.

“You know what makes this sh#* different is they ain’t never seen this Cam,” Newton said. “They ain’t never seen him. You want to know how I know? Sh#*, I ain’t never seen him — the forgotten Cam. They sh#*ted on Cam. The tired of being sick and tired Cam. I felt like I was just left to die. It’s over with for him. He ain’t the same player.”


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Newton expressed how he’s more motivated now than he’s been at any point in his career. He also revealed a recent conversation with his son, Chosen.

“[My son] Chosen say, ‘Daddy, daddy, daddy? We going to Charlotte?’ I say, ‘No, son, it’s over with. We got another place we going to. We’re going north,'” Newton said.

You can watch Newton’s Instagram video below: