Among college football fans, Cam Newton is best remembered for his historic season at Auburn. The former Florida and junior college quarterback returned to the SEC to take the conference by storm, throwing for 2,854 yards and 30 touchdowns and rushing for 1,473 yards and another 20 touchdowns. It was a storybook year on the Plains as Newton won the Heisman Trophy and the Tigers won a BCS championship.

Does that one great season outweigh a three-year career from someone like Barry Sanders, who rushed for an eye-popping 3,797 yards and 52 touchdowns? In the opinion of FOX Sports writer Bruce Feldman, it does.

Feldman and fellow FOX Sports writer Stewart Mandel discussed the top 50 football players of all time on the most recent episode of their podcast “The Audible.” The pair agreed on Georgia great Herschel Walker as the No. 1 college football player of the past 50 years, but were split on No. 2. Mandel said it was Sanders while Feldman placed Newton at No. 2 and Sanders at No. 3.

“You and Cam,” Mandel said. “My gosh, that one season merited him being the No. 2 college player of the last 50 years?”

Feldman invoked a Newton nickname in his response.

“Yeah, he was freaking Superman though,” Feldman said. “This isn’t recency bias. … I’m just awed by what he was able to do on the field.”

Mandel and Feldman then shared a story of Newton mowing down Patrick Peterson, one of the best LSU athletes of all time according to strength coach Tommy Moffitt.

The full podcast can be heard here. Newton and Walker are discussed around the 1:02 mark toward the end of the episode.