In the wake of the Baylor sexual assault scandal, head coach Art Briles was let go by the university.

In recent news, Briles has been trying to publicly repair his image in hopes of getting a coaching job somewhere in the near future, even appearing on ESPN’s College GameDay.

Obviously, it remains to be seen if a university will give Briles an opportunity to coach again.

However, CBS Sports’ Rick Neuheisel made an interesting prediction recently on XM Radio, saying that Briles will end up coaching in the SEC next year at Auburn.

“I have a prediction. Art Briles will be at Auburn next year. Whether as the head coach or the offensive coordinator — Art Briles to Auburn, along with [quarterback] Jarrett Stidham.”

The radio show’s co-host said, “Well, that would fix their offensive woes, wouldn’t it?”

To which Neuheisel responded, “Immediately.”

Stidham transferred from Baylor following Briles’ departure, and he would be a massive addition to the program. He’s visited Auburn this fall.

It’s been well documented that Gus Malzahn and Briles are good friends, and hiring Briles would certainly would have an impact on the offense immediately.

There’s a lot of season left to play, but things aren’t going too well for Auburn. This weekend’s game against LSU could go a long way in defining this season for the Tigers.

Here’s the full audio: