It’s been a rough offseason for Auburn coach Gus Malzahn. Yes, he kept his job, but he has taken a beating from many in the media world.

Recently, former NFL GM Mike Lombardi ripped Malzahn’s offense, blaming him for hurting QB Jarrett Stidham’s draft stock.

In a conversation with this week, college football handicapper Danny Sheridan agreed with Lombardi’s take, calling Malzahn’s scheme a “high school” offense:

“I would say (Gus Malzahn) is an underdog to be the Auburn coach after the season for a number of reasons. He runs the same high school offense he’s always run. That was proven. Michael Lombardi, he said the same thing. He hasn’t developed a quarterback. Some people might say what about Cam Newton? Cam Newton came from junior college. What about Nick Marshall? He probably regressed. He came from junior college. Lombardi said, and I agree, he ruined Stidham. He didn’t ruin him, but his high school offense (did.)”

Sheridan was just getting started, though. He continued by blasting Auburn for settling for mediocrity from Malzahn:

“He said he was going to take over and be the offensive coordinator,” Sheridan said. “To be polite, poppycock, BS, he’s been the offensive coordinator for six years. I said Auburn has accepted mediocrity. In the last five years, Malzahn lost five games (three times) during the regular season and four games during the regular season. One time, he lost 6 games.

“When I read that crap where he says we’re rebuilding, we need to have a quarterback, my comment is where the hell have you been for six years? You‘ve had one quarterback. The only thing that has saved your ass is junior college and the transfer of (quarterback Jarrett) Stidham.”

The 2019 season figures to be a big one for Malzahn, so we’ll see if he can silence some of his critics or if those criticisms continue to get louder.