One of the more interesting QB-OC partnerships this season in the SEC is in Auburn, where former Arkansas coach Chad Morris has made it to The Plains to help sophomore QB Bo Nix reach the next step in his development.

Both have shown that they can deliver at times, and in certain environments, but are looking for consistency at a high level.

On Thursday, Morris shared with reporters an early conversation he had with Nix. Morris said Nix has already shown something that other great quarterbacks he’s coached have.

“It really looks like the game has slowed down for him. I’ve been very pleased with him,” Morris said, per AU Gold Mine. “‘You want to be good? You want to be great?’ Obviously, he said he wants to be great.”

Morris added, “I’ve challenged him if we can’t see if we can make the game slow down even more than it did in the end of last season.”

Morris himself has had mixed success in his career as head coach at Arkansas (2018-19) and SMU (2015-17), and as offensive coordinator at Clemson (2011-14). He was previously a legendary high school coach in the state of Texas for 16 years.

Nix, of course, last season was the quarterback for the win over Alabama, and also got a taste of the toughest venues and teams to play in the SEC, from Florida, to Georgia and LSU.