Charles Barkley hilariously explained why he decided to go to Auburn back in his playing days during the ESPN broadcast of West Virginia-Auburn.

Barkley’s Tigers fell in a close match to the Mountaineers, 80-77. Before the end of the game, Barkley was asked why he chose Auburn over other schools that were recruiting him.

His answer?

“They sucked, to be honest with you,” Barkley said, via SI. “I tell all of these kids if you want an education, you get an education anywhere. But the No. 1 thing you look at if you’re going to a school is playing time.”

Barkley went on to dunk on the transfer portal, which he has shown a great distaste in recently.

“With this stupid ass transfer portal we’ve got going on in America today […] you knew that quarterback or the guy was good, why would you go to the school when you know there’s a great player already there?… I was looking at Alabama, Auburn, UAB – UAB was my first choice – Then I looked at Alabama. When I went to Auburn, they weren’t very good, and I wanted to play. It turned into the best decision ever.”

Barkley’s Tigers are struggling as of late. Auburn is just barely above a bubble team right now, and has trouble winning the big games this season. With the loss, Auburn falls to 16-5 on the year.