Charles Barkley paid a visit to The Paul Finebaum Show on Wednesday to talk about his love of Auburn, and offered some reflective thoughts on his career as he closes in on turning 60.

Barkley recently made comments on his career future, and Finebaum asked him about that, and what’s left for him on his bucket list of life.

“Paul, I just don’t want to work until the day I die,” he said. “Listen, I’ve had a great run, was blessed to play in the NBA for 16 years, I’ve been on television for 21 years. I’m almost 60-years-old, it’s hard for me to say, Paul. I’m almost 60-years-old. I’m smart enough to know I’m on the back 9 of life, and I just don’t want to work. I love TNT, I love working there, I love the NBA. but at some point you’ve got to say to yourself, ‘Hey man, enjoy the rest of your life. Out of all the stuff you’ve accomplished, go fishing and play golf and travel the world, and that’s my game plan.”

Barkley said he’d like to visit other countries, and he plans to get a fish bowl and put countries inside it, and pull one out to travel to one week a month he wants to go to some place in the world he’s never been.

“I want to see the whole world,” he said, and added later, “I’ve had the greatest life a person could have.”

Barkley, who said the recent Auburn football games have been disappointing, but he has confidence in Bryan Harsin, and preached patience for the first-year coach. Barkley plans to attend the Iron Bowl as he will be traveling via private jet following a charity golf match.