Charles Barkley isn’t on board with new NCAA President Charlie Baker’s plans for NIL.

Baker was interviewed by Greg Gumbel and Clark Kellogg on Thursday and is in favor of “consumer protections” for NIL that he intends to pitch to “the folks in Washington.”

However, Barkley is vehemently against involving politicians into NCAA matters.

“Did he say we gon’ ask the politicians to help us? See, that pisses me off already. Politicians are awful people. As I talked to Clark earlier because I asked him about y’all’s conversation,” Barkley said. “I would actually go to people who actually care about basketball, not looking at it for just themselves.”

Instead, Barkley is advocating for an internal group to handle the long-term approach for NIL.

“I would put a committee together. I would love for Clark to be on the committee. Get some coaches, get some players, and let’s try to work this thing out,” Barkley said. “We can’t ask these politicians nothing. Those people are awful people. Democrats and Republicans, they’re all crooks.”