As the days wind down for Clemson transfer QB Kelly Bryant to announce his decision, Auburn has received his attention in recent days.

Bryant took his final official visit over the weekend to Auburn, and he’s expected to announce early this week where he’ll spend his final year of eligibility as a grad transfer in 2019. Bryant is expected to announce his decision by Tuesday.

“Just getting up here, they just wanted me to get down here for the weekend and see Auburn from this standpoint,” Bryant told at the end of his visit. “Of course, they didn’t have a game. But getting around the players and seeing what they have to say about the program, how do they like it here, their pros and cons — it was pretty good, getting around those guys. Just now, I’m getting ready to make my decision. It’s really good to have this visit. Now, I can feel like I can take a lot from it.”

Bryant is reportedly choosing between Arkansas, North Carolina, Mississippi State and Missouri, and he’s taken official visits to all of those schools.


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Bryant has said he has not narrowed down his decision, and shot down an earlier report that it was between Auburn and Missouri.

“I got all of them — nobody’s separated,” Bryant said. “I’ve been seeing people saying I’ve narrowed it down. I’ve not narrowed it down. All those groups of schools are still in my decision. No one’s been narrowed down yet.”

Bryant announced his decision to transfer from Clemson in late September after the coaching staff chose to start freshman Trevor Lawrence.

“Auburn has been a program that I’ve been following since I’ve been in high school,” he said. “Then, like I said, playing against them and being here, I know what the game atmosphere is. I already know how big football is here. That really has helped me as well.”

Auburn has a host of offensive playmakers that are appealing to Bryant. They are Seth Williams, Anthony Schwartz, Boobee Whitlow and Shaun Shivers. Then there’s also veterans like Darius Slayton and Kam Martin, who was Bryant’s host for the weekend. The two bonded quickly, and Bryant noted that it felt like he and Martin go way back, reported.

“Being able to play with those guys, you can tell they’re hungry to play at a high level, compete at a high level and also win at a high level,” Bryant said.