Cole Cubelic has heard from the Auburn fan base, and as a former Auburn offensive lineman, the SEC Network analyst and WJOX co-host has taken time to offer an explanation.

The problem is Auburn doesn’t have bread and butter-type plays like a counter or power to lean on.

“I don’t think Auburn has that to be able to go back to,” Cubelic said on “McElroy and Cubelic In the morning.” “So if you don’t have that to go back to, what else do you do? You have to come up with different and creative ways to try to move the football.”

Cubelic said he’s heard from fans on social media, and understands the frustrations, but that Auburn fans should still support the players. The problem is there’s not a foundation of offense.

“There is not a baseline of offense that operates successfully,” he said. “Therefore, what can you build upon? The answer to that is probably nothing.”

The stretch play, for example, couldn’t get going against Missouri, so Cubelic had a simple question.

“Where do you want them to go,” Cubelic said. “You can’t install the triple-option this week, it can’t happen.”