Auburn did Monday what everyone around the country has been expecting the program to do for some time. The Tigers are officially free of head coach Bryan Harsin.

Cadillac Williams was named interim head coach, but the search is on for who will take over the vacant position. Cole Cubelic, SEC analyst and host of McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning, laid out his best-case scenario hire for the Tigers on Tuesday morning.

“What I’ve been told, what I’ve heard, I think Lane Kiffin would be best case scenario,” Cubelic said. “I don’t know how to dance around it, I don’t know how to tiptoe, I think Lane Kiffin right now would be best case scenario for Auburn. Based on the other names that have been proposed to me, discussed with me. If it were 3 years ago, 4 years ago I’d probably tell you that I think that will end poorly, that’s not a great decision. Being around Lane a lot the past year and a half and seeing where he is, what he’s done and seeing how he now is as a person, I actually think it would be a good hire. I think he has a good understanding of where college football is presently.”

Kiffin’s name has certainly been the popular choice since Harsin’s firing, but the main question is whether or not he would leave a good situation in Oxford for a poor, yet challenging situation in Auburn.

What do you think of this potential hire?