Cole Cubelic has seen Bo Nix’ game dissected for years, and understands that the Auburn quarterback’s career has been a rollercoaster as he seems to leave the pocket both out of necessity and habit.

But Cubelic, the SEC Network sideline reporter, has also noticed that Nix’ body language needs to change.

“That to me has not really improved,” Cubelic said on “The Opening Kickoff” on WSNP-FM 105.5 via “You go back to TJ Finley when he came in against Georgia State and removing yourself from your teammates, going to the other side of the sidelines. To me, that’s unacceptable.”

This behavior typically reveals itself when there’s a mistake, or a turnover, said Cubelic, a former Auburn lineman.

“Some of the reactions to when teammates have letdowns are very disappointing when I watch him,” Cubelic said. “As the guy that played there and a guy that I feel like put in a lot of effort there and tried to be a leader at that place and in that uniform, I snapped the ball to quarterbacks who threw an interception. I snapped the ball to quarterbacks who handed it to running backs who fumbled the ball. I played next to two guards. Hell, I missed plenty of them. I had bad snaps.”

It also comes down to how Nix reacts when he makes a mistake.

“To compound it all,” Cubelic added, “if you’re going to act that way, act that way when you screw up because that’s the part I don’t understand. If you’re going to act like a petulant child when your teammates let you down, act that way when you let your teammates down. It’s only fair.”