David Pollack joined the Dan Patrick Show on Monday to give his thoughts on a crazy finish in the Iron Bowl.

Pollack said the bad luck Auburn faced in the final minutes summarizes how things have gone for the Tigers in recent years, comparing them to an NFL franchise that has faced similar luck.

“Auburn, that’s the only thing you need to say is Auburn,” Pollack said. “You mention the Patriots, it makes me thing of the Jets, the stuff that has happened to the Jets over the years.”

Pollack broke down Alabama’s game-winning touchdown, saying that Auburn didn’t do a good job in that situation.

“I didn’t think Auburn did a good job,” Pollack said. “You can’t turn your back to the quarterback. You can’t not see the football on a 40-yard pass coming down the field. Your feet should be set in the endzone.”

Ultimately Pollack sympathized with the Tigers. It seemed like they had the game in the bag, but then misfortune struck.

“Only Auburn, I feel bad for them man, because they had the game won, dropped the punt late in the football game and gave Alabama a chance,” Pollack said. “And just like Alabama does so many times, they take advantage of it.”