The big story in college football this week has turned into whether or not Lane Kiffin will leave Ole Miss for Auburn.

Reports have surfaced that he’s leaving, but Kiffin continues to claim that he has not taken the job.

But has he turned it down?

The situation was discussed Wednesday on “The Dan Patrick Show” between Patrick and ESPN college football analyst David Pollack, who said he’s enjoyed the media circus that has been created after Patrick asked him if Lane is just having fun with people at this point.

“I don’t know, but how awesome is it,” Pollack said. “How amazing is it.”

Patrick then asked Pollack how he would feel about Kiffin’s social media approach if he does actually take the job.

Pollack said it’s important to understand exactly what Kiffin has said to this point, adding that he thinks Kiffin is Auburn bound.

“I think he’s going to (take the job), but what he’s said specifically is I haven’t taken the Auburn job yet,” Pollack said. “I’m not going to step down and take the Auburn job. I don’t know that he’s said I’m not taking the Auburn job period. I’m not in the mix.”

Pollack also said that he thinks Kiffin would be a home run hire for the Tigers.

“For Auburn, it’d be a really good hire,” he explained. “Auburn did something last time, they went outside of the league and got Bryan Harsin. I don’t think Auburn’s doing that again. Auburn’s not going outside of the league and have the growing pains and the boosters be upset.

“It’s interesting, Auburn is one of the most polarizing jobs in college football. They’ve got ridiculous fans, ridiculous resources, unbelievable stadium, campus, they have ridiculous access to recruits. This is the best job that’s on the market and it’s not close. They’ve won national championships with Gene Chizik. They’ve done that. They have a team can win and win big if you get the right guy. Nick Saban obviously getting a little bit older. Lane Kiffin, imagine the shots he would be taking, it’d be gorgeous.”

Patrick also asked Pollack about what he thought about Deion Sanders at Auburn, and Pollack had great things to say about the current Jackson State head coach.

“Deion wants the job. Deion definitely wants that job,” Pollack said. “I tell you what, I think Deion’s a problem. I think Deion, we went to Jackson, it was awesome. We got to go there for GameDay, tet me tell you something, if you spend any time around Deion, he’s going to get the mommas. You talk about recruiting the mommas. Primetime’s going to walk in there and schmooze everybody.

“Deion’s also got competitive toughness. Deion doesn’t put up with crap. They’re going to look the same on the practice field. They’re going to dress the same. You’re going to show up and you’re going to practice. Deion got one of the best recruits in the country last year in Travis Hunter. He got one of the best recruits to come to him and play HBCU. Imagine what he can do at a place like Auburn with that brand and those resources.”