Football season can’t get here soon enough.

This is a sentiment that many SEC fans share, and they are joined in that feeling by Auburn co-offensive coordinator and receivers coach Kodi Burns. Now in the midst of the summer dead period, Burns had a bit of free time to flip on ESPN. The former Tigers quarterback/wide receiver wasn’t a fan of what the network was airing.

The Drone Racing League’s 2017 season is currently underway and the ESPN channels are carrying the league’s many races. While not a widely-popular sport, drone racing has begun to develop a niche following. The DRL will likely add a few more fans after the eviscerating burn it delivered to Burns for his tweet.

Punching way above its weight class, the DRL’s Twitter account let loose on Burns and reminded him of the Tigers’ underwhelming 2016 season. Burns might have good reason to want the season to arrive sooner rather than later, though, as Auburn figures to have one of the best teams in the SEC on paper and should have more success this fall.

Another positive for when the football season finally arrives? There will be actual games to focus on, not just Twitter burns from the Drone Racing League.