Auburn’s receiving corps is losing a bunch of talent to this week’s NFL Draft. Anthony Schwartz, Seth Williams and Eli Stove are all heading off to the pro ranks.

Ahead of the draft, The Spun caught up with Stove and asked him a number of questions in this Q&A session.

One of those questions was about the intensity of the Iron Bowl rivalry, and Stove shared his experience his freshman year when 2 Alabama fans were giving him the finger:

The Spun: How intense is the Iron Bowl rivalry?

ES: It’s real intense. During my freshman year, I was on the sidelines getting water when we were facing Alabama. I caught these two kids flipping me off and I was like ‘Damn, it’s really that intense.’ I just realized from that moment that this rivalry is big time.

Stove has been at Auburn since 2016, so that means he’s been part of 2 Auburn teams that have beaten the Crimson Tide (2017 and 2019).

The rivalry often extends into the pro ranks, so we’ll see if Stove lands on a team with any Alabama grads.