QB transfer Jarrett Stidham may be one of the most influential recruits in this entire class — regardless of position.

He was a big-time recruit coming out of high school. Though Stidham signed with Baylor, he left after one year. He’s since been the focus of many schools — particularly ones located in the SEC.

It appears as if both Florida and Auburn are in the proverbial driver’s seat for his services. Coaches from both staffs have met with him in the last week, and it’s thought Stidham will make his decision relatively soon.

Neither program has a game-changer at the position. Auburn signal-caller Sean White and Florida QB Luke Del Rio aren’t blessed with tremendous physical tools. They’re also what many would call “game-managers.”

Stidham, on the other hand, has tremendous arm strength. He can make throws to all parts of the field — something neither of the aforementioned quarterbacks can do. Stidham prides himself on being detail-oriented, and is a self-proclaimed competitor.

In all likelihood, Stidham will probably walk into a starting spot at whichever school he enrolls at.

USA TODAY recently did a feature on the Baylor transfer. It delves into the type of person and player he is, and also speaks about what Stidham wants in a school:

“I just want to find a great coaching staff; that’s big for me. At Baylor I was around a lot of good people, and I want to find something like that. That’s a big deal. Also an offense that can put up a lot of points. I want to find a team that is full of good guys on and off the field. A team that I feel like can help me achieve every team goal that I’ve ever wanted — conference championships, Playoffs, national championships.”

Auburn and Florida hope Stidham can be the elusive missing piece to the championship puzzle.