Auburn is 4-2 this season, and both of its losses came against a pair of top teams — Georgia and Penn State. And although the Tigers didn’t stay close with the Bulldogs, they nearly defeated the Nittany Lions earlier in the year.

Still, that doesn’t mean Auburn has reached its potential in its first year under head coach Bryan Harsin. In order to reach the next level, the Tigers have issues they need to correct.

What exactly does Auburn need to do better? ESPN’s Lauren Sisler broke it down during an appearance on “The Matt McClearin Show” on WJOX 94.5 on Tuesday.

“There were things that they could have done better, right? Like first and foremost, the inability to score in the red zone, I think that’s the one area that we keep hearing Harsin just continue to harp on, and rightfully so,” Sisler said on the show. “Not finishing drives, that’s the frustration, because even against Penn State, in that crazy, wild environment, there were things that Auburn could have done to once win that game. …

“I think the pieces are in place, I think there are some really good things about this Auburn football team, but when you can’t finish and you can’t be a complete team in all phases, that’s where the struggle is.”

Sisler also cited Auburn’s dropped passes — of which it had 7 against Georgia — as another issue that needs to be corrected. The Tigers can run the ball efficiently, but they’ve struggled more in the passing game.

Auburn will look to bounce back when it goes on the road to face Arkansas on Saturday at noon ET on CBS.