A day after Tennessee head coach Butch Jones made waves with his $220,000 Mercedes, Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn used his BMW to help the Tigers recruit one of the nation’s top athletes, who just so happens to be from the Volunteer State.

During a weekend trip down to Auburn, five-star athlete JaCoby Stevens took a ride with Malzahn in his BMW i8, which has a retail price of $140,000. Stevens was clearly impressed with the Beamer.

“The car was amazing,” Stevens said according to Jeff Sentell of Dawg Nation. “It was like floating on air and I didn’t feel anything. Coach Malzahn really got a really good deal on that.”

Unfortunately for Stevens, the Auburn coach did not allow the high schooler to drive the car.

“I am pretty sure Coach Malzahn’s wife and also the NCAA wouldn’t have been too happy with that,” Stevens said. “It was really cool, though.”

Steven’s decision isn’t likely to come down simply to which coach has the nicest car but judging by recent recruiting rankings, the rides can’t be hurting either Auburn or Tennessee.

If you aren’t familiar with the BMW i8, check out this video showing off the features of one of the newest BMWs on the market: