In the state of Florida you can choose between 123 different styles of license plates. If State representative James Grant of Tampa succeeds in his current mission, that number could soon jump to 124 with an Auburn Tigers War Eagle option soon coming to the Sunshine State.

In order to make that dream come true for Auburn Nation living in the state of Florida, the state requires 4,000 pre-orders of a plate to be ordered before production can begin on the plates. Grant has started up a website where Auburn fans can place pre-orders, which can be found here.

Grant and public relations specialist Kevin Cate made a video in effort to help to explain their cause and help accomplish their goal. In the video, Grant points out that beloved Florida quarterback Tim Tebow never beat Auburn. War Damn Eagle!

If you are a displaced Auburn alum living in Florida, you can help do your part to bring a War Eagle selection to the state.