Auburn fans aren’t exactly happy with coach Gus Malzahn this week, as the Tigers took a 20-0 lead before falling to LSU on the road.

Malzahn’s seat heated up quite a bit after the loss, which led to former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville commenting on the job Malzahn has done with the Tigers.

While speaking to reporters at a Monday Morning Quarterback Club in Birmingham on Monday, Tuberville said he thinks Malzahn has done a good job at Auburn, but added that he didn’t have much SEC experience when he started (via 247Sports):

“The problem we’ve had is a lot of these coaches have been brought in — not just Gus, but other coaches from other places — that really didn’t know a lot about the SEC,” Tuberville said. “Now Gus knew a little bit but he wasn’t a head coach. Coming in and being a head coach in the SEC is different. You’ve got to have a really strong philosophy behind what you’re going to do, you’ve got to stick with it and Gus has done that in terms of offense. But he had to learn and it took him two or three years to kinda figure it out it’s a lot easier if you play defense. It helps your offense out.

 However, Tuberville added that Alabama playing so well makes everyone’s job tougher:

“Gus and I are friends. I think he’s a good coach. This conference is just hard and it’s really hard when you’ve got the boys over in Tuscaloosa playing like they’re playing. It makes everybody’s job a lot tougher.”

Even if Auburn can’t compete with Alabama just yet, fans are growing frustrated with losses in games the Tigers should win against teams like LSU.

Any more disappointing losses this year and Malzahn may find himself looking for a job this offseason.