The transition from college football to the NFL isn’t easy. For former Auburn OL Braden Smith, his rookie season was even more challenging than expected.

The Indianapolis Colts drafted Smith as a guard and he began the season working as a backup right guard. But in Week 5, Smith was moved to starting right tackle. It’s a change that stuck for the rest of the season after Smith looked better than expected.

This time around, Smith has more certainty about where he’ll be lining up on the field and it is showing. When speaking to reporters last week, Colts coach Frank Reich noted more confidence from Smith.

“You can tell in Braden’s demeanor, the confidence that he has,” Reich said per Colts Wire. “The whole beginning of the year last year he had to be starting that a little bit, questioning, ‘Can I really do this? Can I play this position at this level?’ I think what he did last year just really set him and us up where we got the confidence in him, he has got the confidence in himself. He works extremely hard and I just think is going to continue to get better.”

Last month, Smith shared how he’s approaching Year 2 in Indianapolis: