The Auburn Tigers are 4-1, but it sometimes feels like they’re 1-4 because of how much fans are concerned about the lack off offense.

Many have pointed to the offensive line as the source of the offensive woes, and former Auburn QB Jason Campbell agrees.

However, Campbell added during an appearance on “The Opening Kickoff” on 105.5 WNSP, QB Jarrett Stidham deserves his fair share of the blame, too (via

“It’s not just the offensive line,” Campbell explained. “Sometimes, we have holes there. We need to hit more with speed to get through there. Sometimes, (quarterback Jarrett) Stidham can help out  the offensive line, too. Sometimes, he holds the ball a little long. He likes to scramble to his left side, which puts pressure on your left tackle. If you stay in the pocket and move up in the pocket, sometimes that can help your linemen. …

“With him being back there, sometimes you feel like you have to get out of there. You have that clock in your head and you don’t have a lot of trust in what’s going on in front of you.”

Another factor is Auburn’s lack of a star running back. Last year, the passing game was able to work because Kerryon Johnson was such a threat.

There are a lot of things for this year’s Tigers to figure out, but at least they’re moving forward with a 4-1 record and not something much worse.