John Franklin III says he has learned a lesson from this embarrassing play.

The former QB at Auburn, who is  now playing for Lane Kiffin at FAU, was well on his way to an impressive touchdown in the C-USA Championship. He made a great read on an option play and blew by the defense on what would have been close to a 70-yard touchdown.

Unfortunately, he dropped the ball just short of the goal line and the defense recovered. Thankfully, the play would not cost the Owls the game as they went on to win 41-17, but it was still an embarrassing incident.

At least Franklin says he has learned his lesson from the incident.

“I didn’t protect the most important thing in our program…the ball,” tweeted Franklin. “It is a lesson learned.”

Here’s a look at the whole play that Franklin tweeted out:

Here is his response from Thursday: