One of the strangest stories of the buildup to the 2016 season involved former Auburn RB Tre Mason and his disappearance before the start of the Los Angeles Rams’ training camp.

Seemingly no one knew where Mason was. Then, there were the five times the cops were called to his location over a four-month period, leading many to believe he was in need of mental help.

However, on Tuesday, B/R Mag released a long story about the man who broke Bo Jackson’s single-season rushing record at Auburn, and it sounds like Mason wants to give the NFL another try:

“Of course it’s difficult to step away from something you’re so passionate about,” Mason says. “This is what I really want to do. This is what I love to do. But it’s also, you have to be smart about the situation of ‘OK, I do know there are 32 teams in the NFL. Maybe one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’”

According to the feature, Mason has been staying in incredible shape while working out on the beach in Lake Worth, Florida, waiting for a team to call.

However, to this point, no team has. Whether Mason gets another shot in the NFL remains to be seen, but he’ll be eager to redeem himself if given the chance.

As a rookie in 2014, Mason ran for 765 yards and four scores, but was much less effective as a second-year back, running for only 207 yards.

The whole B/R Mag feature is worth your time, and can be found here.