Georgia may not be in for a cakewalk this week as the Bulldogs go on the road to Auburn, and a likely raucous environment at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

That’s the belief of FOX Sports’ RJ Young, who made an appearance on WJOX out of Birmingham, Alabama and The Matt McClearn show.

“As much as I dog Auburn, they are a good football team,” he said. “Matter of fact, up and down the SEC West, they’re really good, you’re really good. And in the SEC East, you’ve got 3 teams that I think are pretty decent if not good. So I think any time you go on the road, you’re going to have a hard time this year because fans have proven, ‘Hey, we matter here. We’re going to make it hard to hear.’ Think about Sanford last week when Arkansas went up to Georgia and how many false start penalties we had on that Arkansas offensive line. Sam Pittman was beside himself, because it was loud.”

That’s why he believes if Auburn can have a similar atmosphere this week, “you’ve got a shot here.” He added that Georgia hasn’t proven that it can throw the football consistently, but also hasn’t had to yet this season.

“You can force them into third and long situations, you can get the ball back, and you get past that Pentagon, Department of Defense defense that Georgia has, you’ve got a shot there. So I’m not inclined to count them out at all.”