It’s that time of the year as college programs are getting creative to come up with graphic ideas during the offseason.

While not nearly as bad as some of the content we’ve seen come out of Florida State’s graphic team over the years, Auburn has produced an interesting graphic featuring all the accomplishments of the program’s current coaching staff.

This comes after Auburn had a disappointing showing in the 2021 NFL Draft with just four total selections during the event and none within the first two rounds.

The idea to showcase the achievements of Bryan Harsin’s staff is a good one, as the 10 assistant coaches on The Plains have won a total of 30 conference championships, coached in 82 bowl games, and have over 150 years of college coaching experience.

Auburn did a great job highlighting that.

On the other hand, the Tigers likely would have been wise to leave Matthew Stafford, Todd Gurley and AJ Green off this graphic, even if current Auburn coaches developed those players at Georgia.

Showcasing the talent your rival produces isn’t going to win over many fans.

As you could have expected, many of the comments to this graphic were unkind: