According to court documents and, Johnston Taylor, a 16-year-old from Auburn, has been indicted by a Lee County grand jury on two counts of reckless manslaughter following the deaths of Rod and Paula Bramblett on May 25, 2019.

Investigators have determined that Taylor was traveling about 90 mph when he plowed into the Bramblett’s vehicle at the intersection of Shug Jordan Parkway and West Sanford Avenue in Auburn. The posted speed limit of the location is 55 mph.

According to the report, Auburn police received the results of its Toxicology Analysis Report from Taylor, and it revealed that THC, the primary psychoactive component of marijuana, was found at the time of the tragic accident.

An arraignment has been set for January 30, and a trial date is set for May 4. Taylor’s bond was revoked in December 2019 due to traffic citations for reckless driving and speeding since the accident that took the lives of the Brambletts.

Taylor was later transferred to a rehabilitation facility for treatment.