Greg McElroy is well aware of the perception around Bryan Harsin at Auburn, and admitted in the latest episode of his “Always College Football” podcast that Harsin is likely the next coach to be fired, at least that’s the consensus around college football.

There’s one major hold up about that, though. McElroy doesn’t believe there’s an interim coach on the staff.

“In order to make a move on a head coach,” McElroy said, “you must first understand who the interim’s going to be. Who on Auburn’s staff is capable of being an interim coach.”

McElroy then shared either the lack of experience, or struggles in an area of the team where it makes it difficult to choose any of several assistants to address the team, and run practices.

McElroy mentioned Cadillac Williams, Eric Kiesau and Jeff Schmedding but had issues with all of them.

“It’s not like they have a guy that’s like, for sure he can take over that he can run the team at this point,” McElroy said. “I have heard that people have said it’s likely he finishes the season.”