Instead of just meeting up to talk some football, how about these two schools meet up to play some football?

We can only wish.

Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn met with Baylor head coach Art Briles this week to talk some football, presumably offense. The two were spotted at a basketball game, and it was later confirmed that Malzahn was in Waco, Texas, meeting with Briles.

Coaches do meet with other coaches during the offseason, presumably the ones they trust and the ones who run a similar style of system. Baylor would fit that mold.

The Bears’ offense seems to be on autopilot, while Auburn’s offense sputtered this past season. Both coaches are known as offensive gurus and two of the brightest minds in football. Auburn finished 94th nationally in total offense, while Baylor finished No. 1.

No matter how many times coaches meet to discuss strategy and improvement, offense in college football revolves around quarterback play. High-octane offenses need great quarterback play, especially facing SEC defenses week-in and week-out.

Auburn certainly didn’t have that in 2015, but better days are ahead.