If you read in between the lines, Auburn may have already found its starting quarterback.

Gus Malzahn met with the media on Sunday and revealed the quarterback that got the majority of the reps in the team’s most recent practice wasn’t Bo Nix or Joey Gatewood.

How’s that, you may be wondering.

Despite the fact the team has not publicly named a starting quarterback, Malzahn decided to give third-string quarterback Cord Sandberg the majority of the reps at practice on Sunday.


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When asked to provide a timeline to name a starting quarterback on The Plains, Auburn’s coach offered up this comment.

“I think we’re closer in that position, I can’t tell you right now what day, but we’re going to go back now fall camps over, and really all positions, and just evaluate each position,” Malzahn said on Sunday. “Take a good, you know, 24 hours to see everything, you go back, because a lot of times from a coaching standpoint, you remember the last practice in great detail, but the things before [not as much], so it gives us a good chance to really put the pieces to the puzzle not just quarterback but even some other positions as far as depth is concerned.

“So, that’s what we’ll be doing probably next 24 to 48 hours you know as we’re game planning, working course obviously we’ve been looking at Oregon all summer.”

If he’s being truthful here, the Tigers will have a starting quarterback named by midweek. Whether that’s something they announce publicly or not, that’s another question altogether.