With only 3:20 remaining in Saturday’s game against Auburn, the Georgia Bulldogs held a 27-10 lead and faced fourth and goal from the 14-yard line.

Instead of having K Rodrigo Blankenship kick a field goal to make it a 20-point game, the Bulldogs attempted a fake, but Blankenship’s pass to TE Isaac Nauta fell incomplete.

It was a bold call, but not everyone was happy with it. Auburn LB Deshaun Davis went as far as to call it a “bullcrap call” in his postgame interview (via AL.com):

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“I mean, sometimes karma handles thing than you can,” Davis said. “I mean, that’s how they want to be remembered, that’s what they want to be known for, then—it was, in the words of (Gus) Malzahn, a bullcrap call. We shouldn’t be in that situation. I’ll just say that. I’ll revert back to the positives and revert back to us. If we’re not down 17 points, then maybe we don’t see that play. But y’all know the answer to that.”

Auburn coach Gus Malzahn didn’t say much in response to the play, but it was clear how he felt about the call at that point in the game:

“They coach their team and we coach ours. I don’t have any comment on that.”

Georgia coach Kirby Smart said in his postgame press conference that the Dawgs called the fake because even with a field goal, it still would have been a three-possession game, so they figured they’d try to put things out of reach by scoring a touchdown.

What do you think of the Bulldogs’ decision?