Coming off an offseason surgery on his shoulder, Jarrett Stidham continues to rehab his injury but recently made his first appearance back on the practice field for Auburn. The team returned to work this week after getting off last week due to spring break.

During his Thursday evening media availability, Gus Malzahn provided the latest update on his signal caller.

“Jarrett Stidham did throw with our receivers today,” Malzahn said. “We’ll probably wait until Tuesday to do 7-on-7 vs. the defense and get him in teams. The two young guys are still getting the majority of the (QB) reps, getting all the reps as far as teams go. They’ll get all the reps Saturday in the scrimmage.”

The Auburn coach was then fairly non-committal when asked about Stidham’s availability for Auburn’s upcoming spring game.

“We’ll see where he’s at. Like I said, he did throw with the receivers today in some one-on-one stuff,” Malzahn said. “We’ll go 7-on-7 Tuesday and he’ll do some team and we’ll just see where he’s at.”

While a team certainly never wants its starting quarterback to be injured, the Auburn coach noted how this period could serve Stidham and his growth in the offense. Being forced to sit back, watch and help coach younger players could elevate the QB’s all-around game according to Malzahn.

“I know he’s ready to get back out there. You know, there’s something to be said for your leader being out there and all that but at the same time, I think it’s been really good for him to sit back, big picture, and see things from a little bit different standpoint,” he said.

“I know he’s been really good for our young quarterbacks, really trying to help them, coach them up on the details and everything that goes with that — but he’s antsy to get back out there. It was good to see him out there today.”