Gus Malzahn says The Swamp was louder than Death Valley

Making the home stadium a hostile environment is a point of pride for college football fan bases, especially in the SEC.

Auburn’s 2019 schedule has taken freshman QB Bo Nix and the Tigers to some of the toughest places to play in the country. In October, Auburn’s schedule included trips to Florida and LSU. AU dropped both games, its only two losses of the 2019 season so far.

In his Sunday press conference

, Auburn coach Gus Malzahn was asked about the Tigers’ issues with false starts in the LSU game and whether he attributed them to the Death Valley crowd noise. In his answer, Malzahn offered that he thought Florida was louder than LSU.

“No, it wasn’t anything as far as the noise,” Malzahn said. “It wasn’t quite as loud as it was at Florida. That’s something we haven’t had issues with in the past, but the two r

oad games it has been a big factor in the outcome of the game.”

Auburn has played four road games at Texas A&M, Florida, Arkansas and LSU. Malzahn’s “two road games” are presumably in reference to the two losses.

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    • I noticed that watching both games. The Swamp was so much louder than Death Valley. But we suck and lost both games so it doesn’t really matter.

      • You don't suck. You lost two good games to two very good teams. Nix plays young, and when he matures, you may come out on top in games like those.

        • Heck yeah, much like when we beat Manziel, I'm glad we got Nix at the beginning of his career and will never play him again (except, maybe, in SEC Championship games). Nix will have better days. The days of the SEC not producing Day 1 draft picks at QB are long past.

      • LSU doesn’t even score in the first half without blatantly holding three times on their first scoring drive. Burrow couldn’t handle the pressure at all. LSU + refs + home crowd is why you lost.

        But the league office got what they wanted: a #1 versus #2 matchup.

        I bet the refs throw those flags for holding next week.

        • I always preach “holding happens on every play” and “there are missed penalties in every game” but some of those holds were so egregious and numerous I was dumbfounded.

          Having said that, the offense in no way helped our chances to win.

        • Weird to leave out the three uncalled helmet to helmet hits by Auburn, the shot to Burrows knees, the uncalled pass interference in the endzone, and a “fumbled” punt after his knee hit. And how bout the false holding calls against LSU like Danielson (who HATES LSU) pointed out.

          Salty is salty I guess. Next they will claim the swamp is louder despite decibel readings to the contrary...

        • Gary was on LSU’s nuts the entire game. He was clearly leaning toward them the entire game.

          LSU has FOUR targeting calls not called and SEVENTEEN holding calls not called.

          The fumble was even reviewed. He didn’t possess the ball until his knee was off the ground.

          They could’ve called Brown on Burrow but it wasn’t deliberate as Brown was falling to the ground and he was trying to get to Burrow.

          What were the dB reading at both venues?

  • So Gus just thinks it was coincidence that the two games where his team suffered the most false starts were the two road games in loud environments. That’s about as brilliant as his play calling.

  • I've thought for a while the Death Valley hype was a little much. I've been there for a night game and had a great time but it wasn't any different than other big SEC schools.

    • I think some is hype for a night game in death valley, lets be real it just sounds hostile lol. I think what really drove this for so long is the insane record LSU has at home at night.

      • Yeah but a night game at any top ten team's house sounds scary lol. I am not as much of a believer in the magic of Death Valley as much as I think LSU has just been a great team for two decades and would have a great record anywhere

        • I think they are referring to the measurably louder environment for the players at Tiger Stadium. You don’t need to hear the snap count in the stands.

  • I've said this for years. The Swamp is louder for a big game than Death Valley. I was at both the UF/Auburn game and the UF/LSU game this season and there was no comparison.

    • The Swamp probably is louder. The stands are steeper and the stadium is more closed in on all four sides, so it traps sound (and heat) better. The sound also travels better in Gainesville's often very humid air.

        • @krefftanaut, I am not aware of any comparative decibel readings. Perhaps you can cite a source for your statement.

          The only thing I ever remember hearing about was a seismometer reading during a game at Tiger Stadium.

      • Agree with you Nashville. I grew up near Gainesville, and Florida Field was built larger over time, like many college stadiums. Because the track facility is next door, the stands are very close to the field, which gives the fans the feeling of being right on top of the players. Part of the field is actually below ground level, which is why noise and heat gets trapped there. (That creates the Swamp) It is incredibly steep and once they closed the field in, the sound just exploded. Fun place to watch a game. Try to get seats on the shady side!

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