Auburn coach Gus Malzahn took a lot of heat off himself when the Tigers mopped the floor with No. 1 Georgia 40-17 last weekend. But, even with that big win, is he out of the woods yet?

USA TODAY handicapper Danny Sheridan doesn’t think so, as he thinks Malzahn could be in trouble with an Iron Bowl loss to Alabama in two weeks.

On Wednesday’s episode of “The Paul Finebaum Show,” Sheridan said he believes Malzahn will either be fired or go to Arkansas if the Tigers fall to the Crimson Tide:

Arkansas, obviously, still has coach Bret Bielema, but after the school fired AD Jeff Long on Wednesday, Bielema could follow shortly. However, leaving Auburn to head to Fayetteville would be a strange move for Malzahn to make if Auburn doesn’t fire him.

The Tigers could make it to the SEC Championship Game with a win over the Crimson Tide, where they’d face off against the Bulldogs again.

However, a loss will have them sitting at home on championship weekend, leading to many questions about Malzahn’s future with the team.