Saturday’s incident involving alleged arson of a replacement Toomer’s Corner tree reminded fans of the incident involving disgraced Alabama fan Harvey Updyke several years prior.

Updyke poisoned the original Toomer’s Corner oaks in 2010 and admitted to the incident under the pseudonym “Al from Dadeville” when he called into the Paul Finebaum Show shortly after. After he pleaded guilty to the crime, Updyke was ordered by Circuit Judge Jacob to pay Auburn University $796,731.98 in restitution in 2013, which was intended to finance the replacement trees and make up for lost revenue.

However, the Alabama fan still owes the university $793,852.98, which means he’s only paid 0.361 percent so far, according to Updyke made minimum monthly payments of $100 every month in 2016 except in June and August, but made a double payment in September, according to the website.

Adding legal fees, Updyke currently owes a grand total of $813,378.48. He is on supervised probation after serving a six-month jail sentence for the incident and is scheduled for a hearing on Oct. 18.