Bryan Harsin has added something else to his weekly duties beyond being Auburn’s football coach. He’s launched a new podcast called “Huddle with Hars.”

The introduction says the podcast will take time, “after hours to talk about life, leadership, family, some incredible football stories and anything in between.”

The guest on the first episode was offensive coordinator Eric Kiesau.

Harsin explained why he’s doing the podcast.

“The purpose of these podcasts are for those of you that follow our program, and those of you just looking for good stories, life lessons, keys to success and more from our coaches,” he said. “And to get to know these coaches like I do. As husbands, fathers, leaders and hard-working men that care deeply about what they do.”

Harsin added that throughout his career, he’s had the privilege to hear most of the stories from the coaches he worked with.

“I’ve always appreciated hearing about their journey,” he said. “And getting to know that person so much better while learning about some of the things they’ve been through to get to where they are. We say this all the time. It is all about the people, and I know this, we have fantastic people that work in our program.”