Hugh Freeze and Auburn blitzed UMass in Week 1 and now set their sights on Week 2’s matchup against Cal.

On Monday, Auburn’s head coach was asked a question about the status of running back Jarquez Hunter. Freeze did not address Hunter’s availability but did reveal a list of players who “might” be unavailable for Week 2.

A quote like this means there’s a strong chance Nick Mardner, Austin Keys, Jalen McLeod and Nehemiah Pritchett will not play Saturday:

Of those on the list, only Austin Keys played an made an impact on the stat sheet last week: Austin Keys, who totaled a pair of tackles. Mardner, Pritchett and McLeod did not play last week.

Auburn faces off against Cal at 10:30 p.m. ET (that’s west coast football for you) on ESPN.