Auburn football held its annual spring game Saturday in rainy conditions and, as a result, limited attendance. Some watching the Masters would agree: can’t the rain just wait a few days?

Regardless of the rain, newly-hired head coach Hugh Freeze was able to see some good things from the Auburn football team as it prepares for next season. Though they were not able to throw the ball as much as he wanted, Freeze noted that he “feels better” about Robby Ashford and the rest of the QB room compared to 15 practices ago. Freeze later admitted that there is still a ways to go before anyone solidifies their spot as “the guy.”

He did hint at the eventual opening of the transfer portal and potentially pursuing a quarterback, though. Make your own judgement:

Freeze also said Robby Ashford has been fun to coach, giving him the first run to kick things off. Below are some brief highlights from Ashford’s time in (and out of) the pocket Saturday: