Much is being made of last year’s Iron Bowl ahead of this week’s showdown between No. 14 Auburn and No. 1 Alabama, and rightly so.

Perhaps one of the more head-scratching stories that rose from the ashes, quite literally, were the human remains that were discovered near the 40-yard line on Auburn’s sideline after the win.

Eric Kleypas, Auburn’s director of turf and landscape services told Jon Solomon of CBS Sports that it wasn’t the first time, and likely won’t be the last.

“It happens two or three times a year,” Kleypas said.

Even more startling than the fact that someone dumped cremated ashes on the field after a football game is that, according to Kleypas, this isn’t a problem only Auburn has to deal with.

“We talked to some other guys in the SEC and they have the same problem,” Kleypas said. “What’s the thought process in your head to say, ‘I’m going to bring this to the game just in case?’ It started happening a lot more after someone tweeted about this last year. It’s been happening probably as long as the field has been here, but nobody had ever really heard about it. It’s kind of creepy.”