Kevin Steele has been one of the more respected defensive coordinators across the SEC for several years. But he also had one of the more unique periods of his career in a matter of a few weeks at the end of the season and start of the offseason as he went from Auburn’s interim coach, to Tennessee’s interim coach, to out of a job.

Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports caught up with Steele, and Steele offered a candid perspective.

“To be real frank with you, I could write a book now about nothing more than those 18 days. So much so that if I did choose to write a book, it would be a Netflix series,” Steele told CBS Sports.

Dodd reported that Steele maintains that his 40-year coaching career is certainly not over.

How’s he spending his time outside of football? He spends a large portion of his days mentoring Navy SEALs who have transitioned out of service and helping them start new careers.

It’s an Auburn connection that brought him to the SEALs. It came through a┬árelationship with noted cardiac surgeon John Richardson, an Auburn alum who once threw the discus for the Tigers. It was Richardson’s work with the Eagle Fund that led to his work with SEALs.

To show their respect, the SEALs have awarded Steele 7 “challenge coins.” In the SEAL culture, challenge coins are typically awarded by unit commanders recognizing soldiers for their special achievement.