If Allen Greene was unaware who drove the athletic program on The Plains, he found out immediately upon landing at Auburn. Things are much different in the SEC than at Greene’s former employer, Buffalo.

During his introductory press conference Friday, Greene who technically won’t even begin working as Auburn’s AD until February, joked that Gus Malzahn has already “hit me up for a stand-alone football facility” before he even got to work for the school.

Malzahn must be pretty serious about breaking ground while he has the leverage to do so, coming off his new contract agreement with the school.

Following the press conference, Malzahn shared his excitement to work with Greene in the future.

Although when Malzahn was asked about Greene’s comments regarding the football only facility, he kept things close to the vest as always. Greene apparently has much to learn when it comes to keeping the program’s secrets within the family like Malzahn prefers them. Video comes courtesy of Josh Vitale.