The Alabama-Auburn game is a common topic of conversation among southern football fans, particularly in the state of Alabama. And on Tuesday, the Iron Bowl was the topic of a clue on Jeopardy.

One of the categories on Tuesday night’s episode of the popular game show was Great Football Plays. The $400 answer was “In 2013, a 109-yard ‘Kick Six’ kicked in a win for this school over rival Alabama.”

The question, of course, is “Who is Auburn?”

The “Kick Six” has become one of the most famous plays in Auburn football history, not to mention the history of the Iron Bowl. On the final play of the 2013 Iron Bowl, a 57-yard field goal attempt by Alabama’s Adam Griffith fell short. Auburn’s Chris Davis caught the ball in the back of the end zone, and returned it 109 yards for the game-winning touchdown. The 34-28 victory gave Auburn the SEC West title, and helped the Tigers win the SEC and make it to the national championship game.