James Franklin introduces the Auburn atmosphere to Penn State: ‘The guys are looking at me like I was crazy’

James Franklin is familiar with coaching a road team in an SEC environment, but his Penn State players and even some coaches may not be.

As the Nittany Lions prepare to play at Auburn on Saturday, Franklin has made adjustments to preparations to make sure his team is as ready as it can be to perform on The Plains.

“I think it’s going to be similar to some of better environments in the country. There is no doubt about it. Obviously they take a ton of pride in their program and their university and their community,” Franklin said. “Obviously football is really important there, in that region of the country. So we know it’s going to be challenging and got a ton of respect for it, but we didn’t wait until this week to get started. We did it during training camp, but really did it last week.”

The guys are looking at me like I was crazy. The staff and the players. Like we went all silent count all last week in practice with, as everybody knows, the music as loud as possible.”

Franklin said the coaching staff will show players pictures of what the locker room and stadium will look like, pregame routines and the band. Franklin admitted that the scoreboard side of the end zone has been problematic, and how San Jose State had multiple penalties last w

eek near the goal line.

“So it’s going to be challenging, and we are going to try it prepare for it the best we can,” Franklin said. “At the end of the day, we still have to go out and execute it. And that’s not just with our starters. That’s with whoever could possibly be in the game.”

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  • After seeing how horrible we played against our cupcakes...all I can say is I hope the Jordan-Hare voodoo is working overtime.

    • Now now
      Do not point out how badly this team played against Mercer and SJS
      You are just being “negative” like me
      Everything is fine
      Yes Auburn has a GREAT atmosphere and great facilities but we do not have a QB and we have a Mountain West staff.
      Sat afternoon is going to be a disaster
      Penn State is going to force Auburn to pass

      • @TBlone-
        Shut your dang mouth. Stop acting like you are an Auburn fan, cuz you aren't. You claim to live in Auburn, went to Auburn, yada,yada,yada. Such a poser! You want Harsin gone? Then tell me who is going to come in and battle Jimmy Rane? YOU won't even let the man (HARSIN) finish out his season! It's Bama posers like you that make us true Auburn faithful hoping we do what needs to be done this week, and every week after. Your comments and divel just shows how everyday, you are just a day closer to being the most ignorant woman on this Earth. For real man, seek counseling and give football a break!!!

        • Everything I have said about myself is 100 percent true. The problem with Harsin is he has already failed. This team has regressed and recruiting is in the tank. It is going to get to the point where the decision is going to have to be made to fire him or let him finish the season based on which scenario will do less harm. It is going to take years to recover from this mistake.

        • "Shut your dang mouth. "

          Ah, another anti free speech troll.

          "YOU won’t even let the man (HARSIN) finish out his season! "

          LOl yeah, T-bone has that much power.

          Why not just refute what T-bone posted instead? Also, post comments that don't come across as if a kid posted them.

        • "Everything I have said about myself is 100 percent true."

          Yeah, no kidding. It's amazing how these people don't see the writing on the wall.

    • T-Bone, what happens to your opinion if Auburn wins this game? Technically, Harsin would outcoach a proven coach Power 5 coach whose recruiter much better in recent years….you going to eat a little crow?

      I do agree or QB situation is awful, I would have loved for 1 more year of Bo instead of this clown show. Need to run Robby QB1, Finley’s has had plenty of “prove it” opportunities.

      • "T-Bone, what happens to your opinion if Auburn wins this game?'

        AU will have to beat Penn State through the air. They will stack the box and shut the run game down.

      • I will eat crow but IMO there is no way Auburn can win this game. I will be shocked if they win this game. I want Auburn to win but I just do not know how that is going to happen. The 2nd string QB has the most rushing yards and that is not going to happen against Penn State
        What I saw in the first two games tells me sadly that Auburn is not going to be competitive with Power 5 teams

  • I hope Tbone and Ron give their tickets to people that truly love Auburn and will actually be cheering for Auburn!!

  • I suppose that when you play road games at monster stadiums like the Big House and the Horseshoe, an 85k stadium may not sound overly intimidating. Your own home stadium can hold 110k, so what’s the big deal? Franklin knows, and those kids are about to find out. J-H can be as loud and lit as any in the country.

      • Absolutely. Not to mention the magical voodoo that happens there. Hope they tear it up against Penn st. Go Auburn!

        • Yep, it must be an Aubie thing, nobody else understands. And yeah, Roll Aubie... but ya know, it seems every time I'm really pulling for 'em they do a bunch of dumb chit and loose. Anyway, best of luck to 'em. RTR

        • That's a disrespectful question. After my job transferred me to Auburn, I met a co-ed, soon to be an Auburn Alumnus, who turned out to be the love of my life and wife of 37 years. I then settled in Auburn, owning and operating a small business. And it was good business to be an Auburn Football booster all those years. I've only recently retired & moved to B'ham to be near my grandkids but I still have a lot Aubie friends, good friends. Not to mention the entire left side of my family. Without exception, they all seem to think that, coming from an Alabama grad and diehard Tide fan, "Roll Aubie is pretty cool. Don't give a chit what you think about it. All that just so ya know better next time. :)

        • @ PortPatrol

          re Ron: I failed to mention that I might be a slow learner :) I'll take that advice and not waste any more keystrokes on him.

  • “Also, post comments that don’t come across as if a kid posted them.”
    Ron, this is the line of the day. Are you trying to save all of the kid comments for yourself? Can I get a corn dog?

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