Expectations are very high for Jarrett Stidham and Auburn heading into 2017. The Tigers were ranked No. 12 in the preseason AP Top 25, and some analysts believe Stidham could contend for the Heisman Trophy.

Stidham arrives in Auburn after transferring from Baylor where he threw for 1,265 yards and 12 TDs as a freshman in 2015. Still, Stidham says he is never satisfied with his current production.

Jeff Shearer had the report at AuburnTigers.com.

“There’s so much to work on as a quarterback,” Stidham said. “For me at least, I’m never satisfied with it. I’m always trying to get better, always trying to learn more so I can enhance my game.”

Stidham also credits his upbringing for instilling in him the kind of work ethic needed to play the position at a high level.

“Where I’m from, it’s blue collar, digging the dirt atmosphere they have there, so you just learn to work really hard,” Stidham explained. “I don’t really know anything other than that.”

He also believes he has what it takes to be a leader both on and off the field for his teammates.

“Work ethic, and then leadership,” said Stidham. “I feel like I have strong leadership qualities, on and off the field. I like to do the right thing on and off the field and lead by example.”

The Tigers will certainly need more players to embody Stidham’s mindset if they are going to conquer the SEC West this season.