The Jarrett Stidham era is officially underway at Auburn

Auburn fans…the savior is here.

While the word “savior” is likely a bit strong, many are pegging QB transfer Jarrett Stidham as the next big-thing on The Plains.

Stidham suited up for the first time on Tuesday — officially joining the team for practice. He was joined by two true freshmen in LB K.J. Britt and defensive back Malcolm Askew. Both were early enrollees into the program.

Being able to enroll early — especially as it pertains to Askew and Britt — will help the acclimation process. The freshmen duo will be able to immerse themselves within a college football conditioning program — as well as getting up to speed from an academic and social standpoint.


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Head coach Gus Malzahn echoed these thoughts (as told to

“I think more than anything it gives them an idea of what a practice routine looks like. Get around the drills, what drills you’ll be doing. Get around your teammates. There’s nothing like getting out there with your teammates in a practice-like situation. Give them more of a foundation. Once spring gets here it won’t just be a shock to their system the way practice is set up, the tempo, the drills coaches expect and all that.”

Malzahn commented on all three of his newcomers. He sounded very effusive:

“K.J. Britt is a player we think has a chance to be an outstanding linebacker. Got a great family, great person. Malcolm Askew has a chance to be a very good defensive back. Same thing — great person, great family. Really fits in with us.

Jarrett, it was good to get him out there. He threw some individual. He made the comment that it’s good to be back on the practice field. Been out for a long time. He’s got real good zip on the ball.”

While none of the three can play in Auburn’s bowl game versus Oklahoma, they will surely benefit from practicing in this sort of atmosphere.

Jason Fraychineaud


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