Former Auburn QB Jason Campbell has been away from the game long enough to have some different perspective on the current landscape in college football.

“These kids, they live off so many promises,” said Campbell on an appearance on Mobile’s SportsTalk 99.5, per “They want coaches to promise them something. The only promise you can make is a commitment — once you’re there, you’re there. You’re not going to be like a wave that’s going to keep being high and low — things go your way, you’re all in; things don’t go your way, you check out. You can’t have those type of guys. You’ve got to have guys that are all in, all the time. That’s how you win championships, and that’s how you grow as a person. If you’re looking for it being ‘red carpets’ every day when you get on campus, you’re going to be mistaken. That just doesn’t happen. There are other guys there just as talented, and you’re all competing. Don’t run from competition, embrace it. You’ll be a better football player.”

As long-time Auburn fans will remember, Campbell shook off a bumpy start to finish as one of the most decorated QBs in Auburn history. He was a first-round NFL draft pick in 2005. It’s the kind of career that’s not seen regularly these days, this side of Kyle Trask.

“You’ve got to stay the course,” Campbell said. “There are so many things you can’t control. That’s one thing I had to learn. The only thing I could control was how hard I worked, how I just kept my head down and kept sawing wood. I think that’s what a lot of these young guys do nowadays — they jump to the transfer portal so fast because things don’t go their way right out of high school.